Monday, 8 May 2017

Prepare Now for SEO Growth in the Future

Search engine optimization is not a thing of the past. It is becoming an essential strategy to e-marketing. Over $65 billion was invested by businesses last year for SEO services. It is predicted that over the next year the amount of money invested in SEO services will rise to over $70 billion.

The SEO industry has come a long way and it looks like it is going to be very popular for years to come. The major search engine services are refining and updating their algorithms and SERP displays and people need to react fast to their new technology. Past trends need to be looked at to help guide industry on how everything is going to work in the future.

User Experience Will Play a Big Role in the Future

The IT teams or experts usually handled the job of search engine optimization in the past. Today it is no longer looked at as a technical role, but rather as a creative positon. It is an art form even though it does have many technical elements. The professional SEO tech needs to know how people will interact with websites. The tech will need to know all about optimizing websites and the different contents for search engines.

No matter how great your information is, you will lose your users if your content is not interesting enough to keep their attention. Search results are becoming customized and the user experience is playing a large role in the search industry.

Learning the inside and outside of your user will help to position your site. You will need to engage your user by creating content that keeps the user reading. You can get free analytical tools to help track and learn about your users. Forty-Five percent of marketers do not even know if they are tracking their users and do not use any analytical tools to evaluate them. Thirty percent of small businesses do use a website analytical system known as call tracking or coupon codes, but eighteen percent use nothing at all.

You can create a unique experience for your users by simply using Google Analytics and search Console. It is completely free and will give you enough information to start tracking your users. As your users interact with your brand, think about what it is they want and create more online information for them.

Mobil Search Users

Mobile search users are becoming the dominant search users. More than 58 percent of all searches are being done on mobile devices. Mobile search users are also wanting their searches to come up fast on their devices. If their search does not appear in 3 seconds, they move on to another site. That is why Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is Googles major project. AMP is not a ranking signal, but it does appear above the organic listings. You need to make sure your mobile site has speed to load fast so users do not move on. You want your site to appear high on the mobile pages.

Googles Top Search Ranking Factors
Google announced RankBrain in 2016 as one of their three search ranking factors. That’s about all that is known about RankBrain, but over time it will become more and more accurate with its results to users. The best way to be prepared for the age of the machine is to do the work needed on your sites. Make sure you are creating engaging and informational content for your users. Then professional techs can do the work to get on-page SEO done. Searches will become more personal and on an individual level. Company’s need to start thinking today about how they can better their search strategy so they can see better results. 

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